Retailers know a single metric will never do because retail business turns on too many wheels in a smarter, digital verse. In the words ahead, we’ll walk you through how to gain competitor insights that will help you deliver relevant value and experience that consumers will want more of. 

Today’s dynamically mobile retail experience demands it. And, our understanding of mobile workforce deployment and business intelligence has taught us a great deal about measuring the most important retail touchpoints. Competition is an important one of them.

We’re here to use our experience to improve your business. Frictionlessly.  

It’s important the data you capture actually helps keep doors open with fresh customer experiences. Relatable information about a competitor’s website performance, Google Search, or its social outreach could put smiles where they’re needed. 

You could use that spectacular retail intelligence to optimize your SEO keywords. Understanding the paid search strategy of another business in a similar market provides excellent opportunities to innovate and grow business. Retail doesn’t thrive in a vacuum. 

Increased awareness of basics like how their LinkedIn content pulled eyeballs in their direction instead of yours last week is bound to provide you with pivot ideas that will help you perform better on the next one. 

Though shoppers seem eager for a return to their favorite places to buy as the economy rights itself in the face of pandemic fallout, they’re also hedging bets until they feel completely safe. That means it’s a great time to learn from others playing in your field. Meaningfully. 

Competitor research gives you tools to create what you need to be successful.

Knowing if they are safer, or better priced will put your safety and pricing into a useful framework for making improvements. The perfect recipe for your next innovation is clicks away. 

Do you know if competitors offer more convenience with access to Buy Online Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Ship to Store (BOSS) options? 

We’ve also got you covered when it comes to providing useful knowledge about how and where your competition is spending their ad dollars with Advertising Intelligence that could spark interest in your direction instead of theirs this quarter. 

For that matter, taking a measure on how your peers are taking care of not only their customers, but also of their employees is another driver toward a great retail experience.

What happens after you’ve got an on-point method of examining your market pulse? It helps to have your own internal tools that drive traffic through your doors, retain staff, and identify where your inflection points are. 

Fenix Verify provides a retail intelligence solution that feels impossible to many retailers, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

The ease in using Fenix Verify as a time and money saver for retailers, coupled with the additional savings from bundling services, gives our beloved clients greater organizational insight in all divisions.



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