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For a company that uses only hard copies of documents, switching to a digital checklist may seem like an uphill battle. However, for businesses that make the transition, digital lists soon become the lifeblood of the company. 

Digital lists are the perfect solution for any business or startup that’s looking to improve accuracy, enjoy faster reporting, and save space. They even help with task tracking, transparency, and communication. 

Enjoy Better Mobility in Your Organization

Paper checklists can be burdensome since it’s easy to lose a pad of paper or a clipboard in your office. People keep better track of their phones and tablets, and with a digital checklist, you can enjoy the benefits of allowing multiple employees to complete the same checklist from different locations at the office. 

Digital Checklists Save Time and Space

Digital list holders are notified in near time as projects are completed, which means you never have to worry about whether your employee completed that last task. Task management won’t be time-consuming ever again.

You also don’t have to sift through a giant stack of papers to find the one you need during an audit or inspection. Let’s face it: you don’t want the inspector slowing down your business any more than they need to be. 

Another advantage of these checklists is that you save a lot of space. You can cut down on the number of shelves and cabinets you need to store your information in because it’ll be easily accessible via virtually any device.

Digital Checklists are Less Expensive

The cost of printing materials, storing paper, disposing of documents, and other print-related supplies can be alarming. With a digital checklist, you can have everything you need in a relatively small space: the company computer. In fact, it’s available in an even smaller space: the cloud!

Better Suited to Today’s World

Another advantage of using checklists in a digital format is that they’re more adaptable in today’s world. Companies are increasingly moving in a digital direction. In fact, as of 2018, 70% of companies have a digital transformation planned or they’ve already got it in place. 

Many of these are driven by business growth opportunities, increased competitive pressure, and new regulatory standards. Executives cite better operational efficiency (40%), faster time to market (36%), and meeting customer expectations (35%) as some of the greatest benefits of digital transformation. 

A digital checklist is better equipped to handle the move toward technology, with syncing capabilities that make it easier to create, use, and update. Many procedures are evolving with businesses. In this post-COVID world where best practices seem to change on a daily basis, there are many advantages to using a digital checklist. These include:

More Communication = More Employee Satisfaction

With a digital checklist, the senior management team can have all the data they need, no matter what site they’re on. By having a more efficient way to track your employee retention rates, spot top performers, and know which employees are struggling, you can make sure you deal with issues before they spiral out of control. It can even help with employee recruitment because you can let potential hires know that your business uses cutting-edge technology for your checklists.

Get Data and Updates in Near Time

A digital checklist can give you real-time updates and reporting that you won’t get with paper checklists. You can also easily download and compile reports with any of the data you need for staff meetings.

Want visualizations from your digital checklist data? With Fenix Verify, you can see the data in the form of:

But maybe you’re less concerned about visualizations and want to know what kind of data our reports can show you. Let us ease your mind. Our reports can show:

The widgets are easy to use and program to show what you want. You can check on data from a company-wide level to very location-specific data. The reports can show as much or as little information as you need, and new reports can be made all the time. 

A Digital Checklist for Your Every Need

At Fenix Verify, our digital checklists are geo-time stamped and digitized for a number of corporate procedures, including: 

For your mobile workforce and software needs, turn to Fenix Verify. Contact us today for a demo!

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