Why FenixVerify?

Through our mobile workforce and our robust software platform, we capture and present data that empowers teams to make changes that mitigate risk and improve operations. We save time and money by consolidating data gathered through our services and other third parties into one dashboard and by providing automated remediation tracking to keep staff accountable for such changes.

Value Propositions

Risk Mitigation

Minimizes risk by providing visibility into non-compliances and automating remediation.


Curated by Harvard Epidemiologists, industrial hygienists and vertical industry experts.

Cost Savings

Cost savings through consolidating services provided by multiple vendors.

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Simple dashboard access and navigation to gain key insights at a glance and easy to depoy.

Time Savings

Save the time of managing multiple vendors and extracting data from multiple dashboards.


Independent audits build trust with customers and staff.

Instant Insight

Instant insight into current and historical compliance and where and how to improve.


Keeps staff accountable through independence, automated remediation monitoring and geo-time stamped verification of self-audits.