Monitor and Remediate to Reduce Business Risk


Getting back to business and making sure you can be successful for the long haul isn’t as simple as flipping on an “Open” sign. Today’s health climate has changed everything. It’s a new world, one in which customers, employees, and regulatory bodies want companies to do more, often with less resources. FenixVerify’s Epidemic Toolbox gives you everything you need to meet these new challenges while ensuring it’s fast and incredibly simple to implement.  

Fenix’s other Auditing and Verification Programs include:

Healthy Buildings for a Healthier Economy.

Fenix offers businesses complete standardized healthy and safe facility solutions so companies can monitor, remediate, and reduce business risk with confidence. For our Enterprise-Level clients, we can provide custom tailored audits, including, but not limited to, brand auditing (or mystery shopping), diversity and inclusion, and compliance with state and local health and safety ordinances, corporate policies and procedures.