Health & Hygiene Toolbox

Keep your customers coming back, build long term trust and mitigate
risk in the new normal.

Today’s health climate has changed everything. It’s a new world, one in which customers, employees, and regulatory bodies want companies to do more, often with less resources. 

 Our audit service and technology platform monitors ongoing compliance with health, sanitation and hygiene protocols, recommends corrective actions, and automates and tracks remediation.  Curated with Harvard Epidemiologists, our audits and robust software platform deepen trust with customers and staff, mitigate risk and build ongoing good habits, giving you everything you need to meet these new challenges.  

Our Solution

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Frictionless Third-Party Audits

Our auditors complete on-site visual inspections with time-stamped and geo-tagged photos, as well as unbiased, non-disruptive, dynamic standardized surveys.

Real-Time Risk Report Card

Upon audit completion, you receive a real-time digital risk report card that highlights non-compliances and provides actionable remediation measures.

Interactive Dashboard Reporting

Our online dashboard gives you access to drill down analytics and performance metrics as well as a complete audit history and custom reporting.

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Remediation Wizard

Our continuous improvement action planning module prioritizes and notifies appropriate staff of remediation steps based on levels of criticality and monitors them through their completion.

Cyclical Self Auditing

Cyclical Self Auditing, or First-Party Auditing, enables facility and shift leaders to routinely ensure compliance between Third-Party audits.

Seal of Approval

Upon completion, printable compliance certificates and seals of approval can be displayed to elevate trust and provide customers and employees with peace of mind when they are on premises.

How it Works

COVID-19 Resources

“The FenixVerify Seal of Approval has strengthened the trust our customers and staff have in us. They have told us that they are more comfortable coming into our casinos because we are having independent inspections.”
Robert Wright
SVP of Operations, Fifth Street Gaming

Hygiene and transparency have emerged as important sources of concern. It is becoming increasingly important for stores and restaurants to not only follow hygiene protocols . . but also communicate effectively that they are following those procedures.


Consumer habits have changed—and these changes are here to stay . . . Habits formed during the COVID-19 crisis will endure well beyond it, permanently changing values, attitudes and behavior. 

– Accenture

To build satisfied and loyal customers, retail managers should constantly reassure them that the protective measures against the COVID-19 virus taken in the store will protect their health and safety during the shopping experience

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

How it Works

An increasing number of families of employees who died from COVID-19 have asserted wrongful death actions against employers for failing to keep their family members safe while at work. 

– Fisher Phillips