A burgeoning Gig-economy is exciting to watch. It has been for a while now. Fortune magazine suggests that everyone wants to be an independent worker, and that as recently as last year Gig earners’ wages grew by 33%. 

There are lots of changes and accommodations in store for anyone operating a consumer facing enterprise in a Gig-economy. One that has migrated yesteryear’s sluggishly dull cubes to the present day blend of office and remote work.

In turn, remote opportunities have encouraged many experts in a wide variety of verticals to either up, or pad incomes with side work. Better known as Gigs. Writing for GoRemotely, Ana Djurovic identifies several interesting stats regarding this increasingly remote economy of ours. It seems an expanding mobile workforce wants to grow. 

Greater freedoms as to when and where to work, and a degree of say on which projects it works on, are important ingredients for a growing mobile workforce trying to maintain a post-pandemic work-life balance.  

Such a happy word, Gig, with enormous promise. Promise, Djurovic writes, largely driven by the momentum from huge numbers of employees who had already begun to leave the office bricks behind for mobile satisfaction before the pandemic kicked through storefronts all over the world.

Fortune magazine suggests that everyone wants to be an independent worker, and that in just the last year alone, Gig earners’ wages leapt by 33%.

Given the rising value in a rapidly growing Gig economy spanning a vast amount of potential experience to tap, this was an especially juicy detail. Based on this information, it’s likely today’s remote workforce will only continue to grow in value in a variety of businesses. 

Since we’re positioned right in the midst of all this, we’ll be exploring more on this in later posts, so stay-tuned. 

Just think about everything you order, download, or transfer using an App. Chances are your last delivery or transportation service put you squarely in the Gig segment. (WeForum)

As we begin to think about this pandemic in the past tense, a workforce hungry for flexibility in their work and life could mean significant changes ahead. Especially for the growing number of companies looking for independent contractors to fulfill specific tasks.

Say you’re a fantastically skilled restaurant manager who needs $500 USD to pay a medical bill because the restaurant doesn’t cover insurance. What does one do? You could perform 5 audits of other restaurants. 

You could also explore mystery shopping at 10 to 20 retail shops for the same convenient return. You could do food safety inspections, or franchise compliance inspections. Gigs.

This is where Fenix Verify’s more than 20 years of experience managing mobile workforces plays a key role for expert contractors, restaurateurs, and retailers.

We save time and money through an array of mobile workforce opportunities for those interested in food safety audits, mystery shopping, health and hygiene, and brand standards. 

Our global workforce is 120 countries deep, 5,000,000 strong, and growing. We find it’s a wheel that spins lots of other wheels.

Gig is a serious thing for businesses who need varying degrees of understanding and expertise ranging from how to do simple “snap a photo and go” assignments, to providing solutions to difficult pricing, or food auditing issues. 

Gig opens the door to multiple clients, allows people to make their own schedules, and to build credibility and reputation. All while still holding down what passes for a regular job. 

Many have often said this sort of thing is just for “extra cash” but still many more have managed to build an entire career from such work. The new economy suggests that these people were, in fact, trailblazers. Where will the Gig trail take you?

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