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Through our global workforce of over 5,000,000 auditors, combined with a powerfully intuitive technology platform, we monitor and measure various aspects of compliance and Customer Experience (CX).

Our founders have over 20 years’ experience in market research, business intelligence, and mobile workforce deployment.

Our Health & Hygiene Toolbox was born in April 2020, as the world was reeling from the shuttering of businesses in industries no one ever anticipated.

Staggering losses kept piling up among friends and clients. We formed a medical advisory board to collectively determine how we could all get back on track.

It seemed as if regulations and compliance requirements were changing by the minute. We wanted to find a solution that could help companies not just re-open, but also stay open and thrive in what feels like a whole new world.

That’s when the proverbial lightbulb went off. We knew that companies around the globe were dealing with the same frustrations we were.

We knew they were looking for guidance and weren’t getting it fast enough and didn’t necessarily trust the resources.

We knew that in this new reality it wasn’t business as usual; that employees and customers needed to trust that the places they work and patronize are acting in accordance with FDA, CDC, WHO, industry, state and local ordinances. We knew that we had the perfect solution to help businesses transact in the currency of trust.

This trust goes beyond COVID.  Our service moves past a pandemic, and into digital transformation. We measure touch points on premises: Touch points that may place your business at risk; touch points that affect how customers and employees perceive your brand; touch points that deepen the knowledge you have about what is happening on premises. These measurements consolidate data across the silos of your company.

This trust is the expertise that backs us and our methodologies. Curated by experts in the healthcare and business space, we bring this knowledge to our clients. It is this knowledge base that allows us to move from COVID, to Diversity and Inclusion, Municipality Compliance, Brand Standards Measurements, to Sales and Operational Compliance.

All of these measurements provide a deeper level of understanding into the experience customers and employees have with your company, and how you can enhance trust in your brand.

FenixVerify’s Epidemic Toolbox was born out of crisis, and our solutions and programs offer real-time, day-to-day functionality and applications.

No matter what your business is trying to measure, our ability to track and digitize key metrics and compliance takes the guesswork and headaches out of today’s business equation.

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