Consulting the Experts: The Best Customer Marketing Techniques for Your Business

Customer marketing learning

Customer marketing, big data, brand advocacy… Just a bunch of industry buzzwords, right? While these terms can be tricky to decipher, they are a crucial part of approaching and building a successful marketing campaign.  With such a massive volume of consumer data and marketing metrics available, it’s important for businesses to know how to tailor […]

Is the Customer Always Right? Understanding the Power of the Employee Experience

employee with customer

Is the Customer Always Right?   Popularized by Harry Gordon Selfridge in the early 1900s, the catchy phrase “The customer is always right” is wrong for a number of reasons.  The popular tagline is so widely recognized that the happiness of a customer is perceived to be vital to business success. After over a century […]

How to Understand Your Competitors Like a Boss

The best consumer side businesses know about the value of understanding their competitors. Stay-tuned for an instant solution. Smart ones likely know a great deal about their direct, indirect, and replacement competition. Even savvier ones might be trying to identify those that haven’t even popped up yet.  We have also found many companies often use not […]

We Need to Talk About Hygiene Theatre, It’s Hurting Your Restaurant

If you’ve not seen News of it since the arrival of Covid-19, there’s a great deal about it from news outlets at home and abroad. It’s a life-sucking, mind bender of a phenomenon called Hygiene Theatre, and it’s likely hurting your restaurant business.  Let’s unpack what it is, and then explore solutions that will allow […]

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