Other Services

Through our software platform, we capture and present data that empowers teams to make changes that mitigate risk, improve operations and keep the pulse on the satisfaction of customers and staff.  Our checklists and surveys are delivered to mobile devices either through your App or via QR Code.

Digital Checklists

Our digital checklists checklists provide a record of all cleaning or other corporate procedures,  and are geo-time stamped, and geo-located, so you know that your staff is on-premises and uploading current photographs when completing such checklists.

Red Card Green Card Reports

Digital one-question surveys completed by staff if something went extremely well or bad on their shift.

Employee Pulse

Our daily digital survey, in which employees rank their emotional, physical and mental energy, allowing you to keep the pulse on the state of mind of your staff

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Gather direct customer feedback through digital surveys delivered through your  customer-facing App or via QR codes.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Measure employee feedback through digital surveys delivered through your company App or via QR codes.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitors social media posts for all locations and overall brand and provides responses.