Kitchen & Food Safety Inspections

Our kitchen audits, conducted by Certified Kitchen Inspectors, are designed to help food providers ensure a culture of safety and to help protect their guests, employees and reputation from food safety risks. Our onsite audits, robust reports and remediation monitoring, highlight non-compliances with photographs, provide recommended corrective actions and allow you to assign, monitor and track remediation activities to ensure your staff is held accountable for corrective actions.

Our Kitchen Safety Services

Frictionless Third-Party Audits

Our auditors complete on-site visual inspections with time-stamped and geo-tagged photos, as well as unbiased, non-disruptive, dynamic standardized surveys.

Real-Time Risk Report Card

Upon audit completion, you receive a real-time digital risk report card that highlights non-compliances, including, photographs, and provides actionable remediation measures.

Interactive Dashboard Reporting

Our online dashboard gives you access to drill down analytics and performance metrics as well as a complete audit history and custom reporting.

Value Propositions

Risk Mitigation

Minimizes risk by providing visibility into non-compliances and automating remediation.

Instant Insight

Instant insight into current and historical compliance, where and how to improve and actionable recommendations.


Keeps staff accountable through independence, automated remediation monitoring and geo-time stamped verification of self-audits.

Cost Savings

A lower cost solution than most competitors.


Curated by industrial hygienists and vertical industry experts.


Simple dashboard access and navigation to gain key insights at a glance and easy to depoy.

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