As we open up the economy, the big question for gym owners is: How to ensure everyone can rely on a safe workout space?

Gym owners know the importance of wearing a mask, hand-washing, and social distance. They use online reservations, check-ins, smaller classes, and Covid health checks.
Meanwhile, consumers are thinking very carefully about which places are safe.
A glimpse at a survey of 10,824 gym members conducted by Run Repeat suggests many gymgoers remain uncertain about heading back inside.
While virtual offerings won’t be going anywhere, many owners continue to strategize ways to bring consumers safely back to the gym. Once returned, how best to look after them and their spaces in the face of continued risk.

More than ever, gyms and fitness studios need verifiable breadcrumbs of truth concerning the safety of their environments to mitigate risk in all divisions.

Businesses who have taken the right steps are likely to be doing things more carefully than before the pandemic because responsible operators realize how critically important it is to foster and evangelize confidence and trust.

Why, because consumer confidence and trust are the post-pandemic pillars of consumer loyalty.

Operating gym spaces during pandemic uncertainty is another way of saying there’s a long list of moving parts that can make any gym owner feel like they’re trying to hit multiple targets at the same time in order to keep everything running smoothly.

But, those continually shifting health and safety protocols don’t mean you as a gym owner are forever left to riddle out processes and technologies to maintain confidence in your establishment.

With a virus raging through our world, you’re probably looking at your spaces more forensically than before Covid arrived.  That makes this a perfect opportunity to take a look at gym safety and how our expertise can help.

Proper ventilation, masking, sanitation, and social distancing are but a few of the  paramount and continuous considerations for your gym.

Fenix offers a robust platform of real-time tools to mitigate liability exposure and create transparency within your gym space. Our SDK is plug-in ready, and our global workforce runs 5,000,000 strong and 120 countries deep.

Through science and healthcare-backed solutions, we mitigate risk and provide remediation recommendations that you can put to work right away.

Trust being the currency of today’s marketplace, it makes sense for gyms to have an interactive dashboard of compliance and operational reporting at their fingertips.

Please send your request for a Fenix Verify demo to:

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