Food safety in restaurants

It’s time to prioritize health and food safety so you can prevent health code violations in your restaurant. 

It’s been reported that 70% of diners are deterred by health code violations when choosing a restaurant. And since the COVID-19 pandemic began, health inspectors and consumers alike have elevated their standards for food safety. 

If you want to please the health inspector and your customers during every visit, it’s important to avoid these common restaurant health code violations: 

Common Health Code Violations

Adhering to food safety and food handling regulations are an important part of maintaining your restaurant’s reputation, as well as the health and safety of your customers and employees. There’s a clear connection between prioritizing food safety and creating a trusted environment within your restaurant for your customers and employees alike. And, when keeping the current crisis in mind, restaurants are expected to uphold rigorous hygiene standards while remaining transparent with their customers. 

Here are a handful of common health code violations to avoid:

Spoilage and Cross-Contamination 

Time and Temperature Control 

Poor Overall Cleanliness

How to Promote Food Safety and Create a Culture of Clean

Proper Food Storage

Time and Temperature Control 

Kitchen Sanitation

Solutions to Help Improve Your Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspections from your local health department can occur at any time, so it’s important that your restaurant is consistently practicing proper food safety, health, and hygiene habits. Constantly worrying about a surprise health inspection can be overwhelming, especially along with all the other daily stressors that come with operating a successful restaurant. 

Fenix Verify offers a number of digital solutions to help restaurants avoid health code violations. By taking your restaurant’s existing inspections and building them into a digital environment, our software can deepen trust with your customers and employees, mitigate risk, and build ongoing habits that help your restaurant meet any food handling challenges. 

Curated with Harvard Epidemiologists, our audit services provide a digital solution for all levels of business by monitoring ongoing compliance with health, sanitation, and hygiene protocols. 

First- and Third-Party Audits

Our auditors complete on-site, unbiased, and non-disruptive visual inspections with time-stamped and geo-tagged photos. In addition, Cyclical Self Auditing, or First-Party Auditing, enables restaurant leaders to consistently ensure compliance between Third-Party audits. 

Digital Remediation

Notify appropriate staff members of remediation steps based on levels of importance and easily monitor their completion with our Continuous Improvement Action Planning Module. 

Digital Checklists for Your Restaurant 

Gain important insight on food safety problems on a local, regional, and national level. Upon audit completion, you will receive a real-time digital risk report card that highlights any non-compliances while providing actionable remediation measures. Our digital checklists allow you to easily create solutions for food safety, health, and hygiene protocols in your restaurant. 

Visit our website,,  to schedule a free demo today. 

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