the hospitality industry facing laborshortage

In 2019, average salaries in the US hospitality industry increased at twice the national rate and there were an estimated 1 million open positions. The pandemic, however, has exaggerated the driving forces that have led the country to a massive labor shortage. 

The biggest reason for the employee shortage is that many workers have simply left the hospitality industry for more stable jobs. With a reputation for long hours, low wages, and no benefits, many employees felt that they were put at-risk during the pandemic. When these workers were laid off, they took the opportunity to pursue careers that offered more stability and have not returned to the hospitality industry. 

Hotels, airlines, and cruise lines were deeply affected by the pandemic, as furloughed employees were forced to move away from the industry, leading to a loss in experience and productivity in the workplace. While this has a definite cost, it also represents an unprecedented opportunity to appeal to younger generations and those who are passionate about creating experiences in the travel and hospitality industries. 

The general public is looking for new experiences after spending months isolated and indoors. But how can your hospitality business offer a quality experience when there aren’t enough staff members to deliver? 

What are You Offering Your Employees? 

Hoteliers are competing with other hotels and restaurants, but also the hospitals, manufacturing plants, and other industries that are facing the same labor shortage and dramatically increasing their salaries to secure employees. While there’s certainly a limit to how much you can afford to pay your staff without severely affecting your revenue margins, it’s more important than ever to remain competitive.

And what you can’t offer in wages, you can likely offer in other types of benefits and perks. It’s time to get creative and offer industry-specific incentives to your staff, including professional training and development opportunities, overtime, company events, and more. 

Get Creative with Recruiting for the Hospitality Industry

As many hospitality employers have realized, it’s no longer enough to simply post an opening on a job board and wait for the qualified candidates to come to you. Potential employees are looking for evidence that your company will be a good fit. 

If you’re looking to attract the right candidates, it’s important to meet their requirements. Updating your website and social platforms with robust job descriptions, employee testimonials, and the specific opportunities that come with the position is one of the most effective ways to overcome the labor shortage.

Consider taking your search offline by partnering with local high schools, after-school programs, college job fairs, and other local organizations that can immediately connect you with potential employees. Offer free skill-building workshops to people entering the hospitality industry, in exchange for a form of employment. 

Invest in Your Current Staff

Hiring people with a passion for serving others is the foundation of a successful business within the hospitality industry. But, if you’re looking to grow past your foundation, you’ll need to retain and maintain those employees, too. 

Investing in an organized, intensive education program for your hospitality professionals can help you to efficiently prepare for a new wave of workers. Your business will be able to maintain a level of stability and sustainability if you begin prioritizing continued education. The opportunity for development and career growth will motivate your employees to maximize their potential within the hospitality industry. 

Communicate and Connect to Increase Employee Satisfaction 

Communication is a critical aspect of keeping your employees loyal to your company. Understand your employee’s motivations, feelings, and concerns. Make it a priority to stay connected with them at all times, so you can combat high turnover rates and retain your top talent for longer. 

Tools for Creating an HR Marketing Strategy in the Hospitality Industry 

If you’re serious about appealing to more workers, it’s time to put an HR marketing strategy in place. Your company culture should strive to create positive employee experiences, for both future and current candidates. By focusing on your recruiting efforts and employee satisfaction rates, you’ll be able to combat the labor shortage while fostering a stronger company culture. 

You don’t have to do it all by yourself though. 

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