FenixVerify Seal of Approval

This seal of approval verifies that as of the date set forth thereon, FenixVerify conducted an independent audit of this location and certified that it satisfies overall minimum health and sanitization requirements.


Our audits measure compliance with standard best practices for health and sanitization, which were curated and vetted by our medical advisory board which includes Harvard Medical School epidemiologists, former CDC inspectors and renowned medical leaders.

In conducting our audits, our certified auditors examine, among other things, the following practices and protocols:

Social Distancing

We do ask that all guests and employees maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. This is for your health, and our employees. We are also limiting the number of guests allowed inside, based on local ordinances.

Hand Sanitizer

You will note hand sanitizing stations with approved products throughout our space. These are here for you and our employees. Feel free to use them at any time.

Face Coverings

In accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines, we do require face coverings of guests and employees while on premises. Additionally, we continue to encourage the use of face coverings. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you. If you do not have one, we would be happy to provide one.


We do strive for contactless payments whenever possible. When it is not, we are able to provide newly sanitized pens.


We have increased cleaning of our space. From door handles and counters, to the equipment we use like pens and credit card processing machines, we are using quality products with increased frequency of high touch areas. This holds true for both the areas you can see, and the areas that you can’t see.

Air Filtration

We have air filtration units at various points throughout our facility.

We are committed to maintaining healthy building, healthy spaces, and healthy protocol as we move through the pandemic and afterwards.  Thank you for continued support.

The FENIX Process


Unannounced Site visit by Our Certified Auditor


Walk - Thru Fenix Checklist and Photos (With Exif Data) Captured, Geocoded, and Submitted


Certificate of Inspection for Display


Instant Hierarchical Distribution of Audit Throughout your Organization


Real Time Interactive reporting, with Drill Downs, Heat Mapping, Cross Tabulation and More


FenixVerify does not represent or warrant that all aspects of this location are safe or comply with all applicable health and safety laws and ordinances. Our scoring and the weighting of the scores attributable to specific practices and protocols, are based on the methodology developed together with our medical advisory board members, however, a passing score does not necessarily mean that all practices and protocols at this location meet our minimum standards, or that this location is fully compliant with all health and safety codes and ordinances. For example, a location may receive a passing score, without having satisfied the minimum best practices standard for all of the practices and protocols which we have audited. In addition, our verification is, as of the date set forth on the Seal of Approval, and therefore, does not mean that this location is in compliance with our minimum health and sanitization requirements at any other time. While most of our audit is based on the observation of our auditors, certain aspects are based on information provided by managers or employees at this location, which we cannot verify is accurate. FenixVerify does not guaranty that any customer will not contract COVID-19 or any other illness while patronizing this location, and shall have no liability for any damages you may suffer as a result of entering.