Third Party Audits

Notification. Action. Remediation. Expert Coaching.

Does your vendor have expertise in healthcare and healthy building?  Many of our clients have used mystery shopping companies, or large corporations that have added this offering to their services. They come to us because of the background that we hold in helping uphold healthy and safe standards, with professionals from the healthcare, hospitality, business, medical, and event spaces. They trust the advisory board that guides us, from Harvard epidemiology to the business executive space. 

We have several packages to choose from. At the basic level, your facilities will be audited against our best practice protocols. Industry specific questions have been curated for you that can be easily added on. At the enterprise level we can offer complete customization.

Prior to deployment, our auditors are trained, tested, and certified through our e-learning module, based on each clients’ preferred programs. For our Epidemic Toolbox clients and Manufacturing and OSHA safety clients, these materials and tests are vetted by our medical advisory board or OSHA certified trainers.

Absolutely!  We have clients who have requested third party validation against OSHA standards, Covert Diversity and Inclusion inspections, Age verification, Fair Housing, Food Safety, and other areas where businesses want to mitigate risk and level-up their practices. You can deploy our exceptional field auditors globally to capture insights on nearly anything.

*Real time desktop and mobile reporting allow businesses to see performance levels, throughout the company’s hierarchy. 

*Drill down capabilities show area, district, and regional directors exactly what needs to be remedied.

*Kaizen CAPA Management systems are added at the client’s request, so that businesses can monitor and address key shortcomings by level of criticality for remediation.  

*Key stakeholders have oversight of all aspects and are able to track improvements, remediation, and issue resolution.

*Next level consultation and training is available to deepen the understanding of the necessary processes needed to remediate issues on premises.

Self-Auditing / First Party Audits

You simply use our mobile application. Your requested employees are granted access to conduct the necessary audits at specific locations on premises. Employees are geolocated to the vicinity, to serve as proof of presence. Photos are collected, geotagged, and verified against all other photos in the system as proof of audit sessions. Data points are checked off as your team member moves through the audit. 

The survey is immediately submitted and aggregated in our online reporting, for instantaneous digitized data, increased visibility, analysis and risk identification.

Digitizing records that are validated to the premises, with automatic reporting and notification on areas of risk.  Eliminate archaic spreadsheets and pen and paper reporting.

We hear this a lot. Yet, once we conduct virtual or on premises walk-throughs with a client’s team members, we seem to often discover that many of the processes previously checked off as successes were in fact, conducted incorrectly. Our expertise helps to rapidly uncover fallible processes and inefficiencies for you to gain 100% confidence in the integrity of the data moving forward.

Of course!  We have clients measuring internal process around everything from facility health, employee and customer satisfaction, to OSHA processes, to general weekly standards.  If you are measuring it, we can add it into our dynamic, user-friendly platform to collect and report on it.

Yes, totally!  For an additional set up and monthly fee, we can integrate our survey, data, and results into your company application/mobile app, as well as our self-auditing and remediation modules. We can also integrate our self-auditing questionnaires into your app via our SDK plugins.

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