Brand Auditing

Leveraging our global mobile workforce, our robust technology platform and our vast experience in market research, we consolidate various market research services and data typically provided by multiple service providers through multiple dashboards.


Our Brand Auditing Services

Mystery Shopping

Gather valuable unbiased insight into customer experience  coupled with improvement recommendations.

Brand Standards Audits

Measure employee feedback through digital surveys delivered through your company App or via QR codes.

Diversity & Inclusion Audits

Understand the demographics and culture of your workforce to identify specific factors that will help create a diverse and inclusive organization.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

 Gather direct customer feedback through digital surveys delivered through your  customer-facing App or via QR codes.

Competitor Analysis Audits

An apples to apples comparison of the the experiences and satisfaction of your customers v. the customers of your competitors 

Social Media Monitoring

Monitors social media posts for all locations and overall brand and provides responses.