Labor Shortage Challenges and Actionable Solutions

Labor Shortage in the office

An Overview of the Labor Shortage The data is clear: employers are facing labor shortages in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings rose to an unprecedented 9.3 million at the end of April 2021.  As the pandemic continues, we’ve faced more than a year of limited freedom and lost […]

Making Work Matter: Are Your Employees Satisfied?

working on employee satisfaction

Building lasting networks and having a comprehensive business strategy is important when it comes to achieving your company goals. But where do your employees fit into your business? Inquiring about employee satisfaction is the first step, but it’s important to make sure that you’re measuring it correctly. What’s working for your employees? What isn’t? Why […]

How to Understand Your Competitors Like a Boss

The best consumer side businesses know about the value of understanding their competitors. Stay-tuned for an instant solution. Smart ones likely know a great deal about their direct, indirect, and replacement competition. Even savvier ones might be trying to identify those that haven’t even popped up yet.  We have also found many companies often use not […]

Why You Want Retail Intelligence that Won’t Quit and Where to Get It

Retailers know a single metric will never do because retail business turns on too many wheels in a smarter, digital verse. In the words ahead, we’ll walk you through how to gain competitor insights that will help you deliver relevant value and experience that consumers will want more of.  Today’s dynamically mobile retail experience demands […]

We Need to Talk About Hygiene Theatre, It’s Hurting Your Restaurant

If you’ve not seen News of it since the arrival of Covid-19, there’s a great deal about it from news outlets at home and abroad. It’s a life-sucking, mind bender of a phenomenon called Hygiene Theatre, and it’s likely hurting your restaurant business.  Let’s unpack what it is, and then explore solutions that will allow […]

10 Transformative Ways to Improve Business in the New Normal

Transacting business in today’s New Normal has consumer-side businesses increasingly reliant upon data. Lots of it. Not that this is really anything new, but we know data often comes from multiple vendors. This can make it difficult to see and interpret usefully. To follow, we’ll explore 10 data-centric ways to improve your business in the […]

An Unbelievably Easy Way to Confidently Open Your Event Space

Now that Summer is here, it makes sense venue operators are thinking about how to keep their event goers safe, sane, and secure. To move business forward in these challenging times, venue owners, operators, and managers asking why your patrons trust or mistrust your space will bring a truckload of questions to mind that need answering. The short […]

How to Bring Customers Safely Back to the Gym

As we open up the economy, the big question for gym owners is: How to ensure everyone can rely on a safe workout space? Gym owners know the importance of wearing a mask, hand-washing, and social distance. They use online reservations, check-ins, smaller classes, and Covid health checks. Meanwhile, consumers are thinking very carefully about which places are […]

What the Gig Economy Wants and Where to Get It

A burgeoning Gig-economy is exciting to watch. It has been for a while now. Fortune magazine suggests that everyone wants to be an independent worker, and that as recently as last year Gig earners’ wages grew by 33%.  There are lots of changes and accommodations in store for anyone operating a consumer facing enterprise in […]

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