Now that Summer is here, it makes sense venue operators are thinking about how to keep their event goers safe, sane, and secure. To move business forward in these challenging times, venue owners, operators, and managers asking why your patrons trust or mistrust your space will bring a truckload of questions to mind that need answering.

The short answer from the CDC on gatherings large and small is: avoid large gatherings and events when possible. That’s sensible with Covid variants lurking about. Nevertheless, in the U.S., we’re also now seeing consumer confidence returning to bloom for many consumer-facing businesses.

As a venue operator, you might be thinking about the strength and maintenance of consumer trust in the spaces you look after. With this in mind, we scrolled the CDC website for details on gatherings and events.

After spinning the mouse wheel a surprising twelve times before getting to the end of advice on attending and holding events large and small, it became immediately apparent just how many turnstiles there are between hazard, safety, and earning consumer trust. Just look at all those potential points of concern from Ticketing to Service to Security.

Okay, so it may be daunting to think of the responsibility that travels with running a single venue, much less several of them in multiple locations.

If you haven’t already seen this information, here is but one among many bulleted lists from the CDCs May 20th advisory laying down risk factors worth considering for this event season.

Now, take a minute to describe the safety culture of your spaces heading into your next event, and then ask yourself, does it positively ensure the safest, most satisfying outcome for everyone in your event space?

Moving patrons from food service to shared space, from retail to restroom is a lengthy queue of procedures, tasks, and health and safety concerns to grapple with. What’s your action plan for when accidents occur? Are all of your staff on the same page? We know synchronicity is key. What’s more, is everyone in your organization an ambassador of safety culture?

Here’s a Fenix Verify Safety Check to help assess the safety of your establishment. Don’t worry if you don’t pass, we are here to help.

Megan Bogley writing on these issues for Cvent also reminds venue operators that clear communication of your health and safety protocols is a crucial ingredient to creating a trusted and satisfying consumer experience.

As we begin to see what can only be deemed troubling news about variants, it’s important venue owners do all they can to evangelize, promote, and ensure the safety and cleanliness of the consumer-facing spaces they look after.

By now, you’re eagerly wondering what the unbelievably easy way to return patrons to your venue is. That’s why we’re here.

Fenix Verify is a unique blend of more than 20 years of mobile workforce management experience and customizable business intelligence that highlights non-compliance, and provides actionable suggestions for immediate improvement.

We like to think of ourselves as a cure for that sometimes blinding headache we love and hate to call data. Fenix Verified means money and time saved.

We know turning an average consumer experience into a transformative one starts with trust. To request your Fenix Verify demo, email us at

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