Instant Insight. 
Data Consolidation.
Risk Mitigation.

Instant Insight

Fenix Verify automates and tracks remediation that your business can put to work right way. Leveraging a mobile workforce 5,000,000 strong, 120 countries deep, with robust technology and vast expertise in market research, we consolidate many value-added services and data typically provided by multiple service providers. 

Data Consolidation

We put the data from customer experience, brand compliance, diversity & inclusion and competitor analysis audits at your fingertips in one conveniently customizable dashboard. We monitor compliance for health and sanitation protocols, while automating and tracking remediation, and providing you with certificates of compliance.

Risk Mitigtion

We offer a healthcare and technology backed business intelligence solution curated by Harvard epidemiologists. Our platform monitors ongoing compliance with health, sanitation, and hygiene protocols to ensure your business is transacting in the currency of trust.We can also keep you in touch with many aspects of businesses through independent audits, digital customer surveys, and digital checklists.

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