Cutsomer satisfaction

Prioritizing an increase in customer satisfaction is the first step towards creating an elevated customer experience.

Why Customer Satisfaction is Important for the Success of Your Business

A recent report from McKinsey found that “70% of the customer’s journey is based on how the customer feels they are being treated”.

Improving customer satisfaction levels is important when strengthening and maintaining your customer relationships. Customer satisfaction rates are a direct reflection of how your customer service techniques provide a customer experience that meets and exceeds expectations. 

Listed below are 5 actionable tips for improving customer satisfaction for your business: 

  1. Get to Know Your Customer

48% of customers expect recognition for being loyal to your company. Discovering and prioritizing your customer’s preferences gives you the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers. What are they passionate about? What makes them feel excited? Appreciated? When customers feel recognized, they often turn out to be the best brand advocates by sharing their success stories and experiences with their circle.

  1. Build Communities with Your Customers on Social Media

Social media allows you to track and monitor what your customers have to say about your business. Staying updated on positive and negative feedback allows you to address all aspects of your business appropriately.

Look at social media as a chance to improve customer satisfaction. Consider implementing a customer support channel, monitoring brand mentions, and holding live Q&A sessions and tutorials for your products.

  1. Combine Self-Service with Customer Service

90% of customers expect brands to offer opportunities for self-service customer support. Self-service support is a great method for reducing the customer service gap. Most often deployed as user forums, videos, and FAQ pages, self-service portals provide a hub of information for your customers, allowing them to assist and educate themselves at their own pace. 

You can provide special tips for customers on how to get the best value out of your products, educate them on product updates, and allow them to share their feedback with you on how to improve

  1. Bring Customer Service into Your Employee’s Communication 

It’s important to educate your employees on how to interact with your customers so they can consistently provide excellent customer service. Your words create an impression on your customer, so choosing the right words can win over your customers and promote long-term relationships. 

Encourage your customer service team to express their gratitude at the end of a conversation with a customer. A sincere thank-you can go a long way when promoting mutually beneficial relationships between customers and employees

  1. Start Measuring Customer Satisfaction Rates 

How will you know if your customer satisfaction rates are improving if you don’t measure them? Your business will gain valuable insights into what works and what needs further optimization. 

Customer satisfaction metrics also provide insight on your overall business performance. You’ll have a clear picture on what your customers are happy with and what needs some additional attention. By understanding the customer experience and measuring feedback across all touchpoints, you can better promote your services and reduce your customer churn. 

Tools to Help Consistently Improve Customer Satisfaction 

Fenix Verify offers a number of tools to help businesses and startups to improve their customer satisfaction rates:

Mystery Shopping: Gather valuable and unbiased insight into the customer experience. Our experienced shoppers will also provide improvement recommendations tailored to your business. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Gain valuable, direct customer feedback through digital surveys delivered through your customer-facing app or QR code. 

Competitor Analysis Audits: Receive a direct comparison of the experiences and satisfaction levels of your customers versus the customers of your biggest competitors. 

The mystery shopping services offered by Fenix Verify give your business access to a huge workforce with a collective 30 years of experience in building and managing mystery shopping programs. While mystery shopping provides valuable insights on the customer experience, implementing this strategy as a part of a larger, more comprehensive program is the best strategy for businesses in every industry. Insights gathered from mystery shopping alone don’t always highlight the real problems. Combining this tool with other services such as internal and competitor analysis audits, as well as customer satisfaction surveys, will offer the most complete data on your business and the current customer dynamics of your industry. 

It’s time to invest in a strategy that works. Schedule your free demo with Fenix Verify today. 

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