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Keep your Customers and Staff Safe

FenixVerify helps keep companies open for business and keep their customers and staff safe, while mitigating risk through science and healthcare-backed solutions.

We empower your business with a simplified, robust solution, combined with intuitive technology, to instill confidence and help customers and staff feel safe. In today’s ever-changing world, compliance and health and safety protocols are continually shifting. This can leave your business feeling like you’re trying to hit a moving target when it comes to policies and procedures. We exist to allow you to devote your heart, soul, and focus to operating and growing your business. Through science and healthcare-backed solutions, we identify risk and provide remediation recommendations that are immediately actionable. Fenix’s offers a suite of solutions designed for rapid and frictionless deployment, to give you real-time tools to mitigate liability exposure, create transparency and build trust. Simply put, let our extensive expertise help you get a better night’s sleep.

Our epidemic toolbox and how it works

No matter what your industry is, we have solutions for You​



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“Consumer habits have changed—and these changes are here to stay. With the lives of consumers upended by COVID-19 and long-term trends accelerated in the space of mere weeks, there have been substantial and lasting changes in the way people live, work and shop . . . [and] habits formed during the crisis will endure well beyond it, permanently changing values, attitudes and behavior.” – Accenture

It all starts with an on-site health and safety inspection by one of our certified field auditors, using FenixVerify’s standard set of audit criteria. Curated by Harvard epidemiologists and healthcare experts, our third-party audits provide an unbiased and extensive look at your current practices.  This allows us to identify insightful remediation measures and establish your Fenix baseline from which to compare future audits, which we recommend monthly for best results. Through our global network of 5 million auditors, we provide cost-effective and non-intrusive audits in over 150 countries. Prior to deployment, our auditors are trained, tested, and certified.

To build consumer confidence, businesses need to focus on initiatives that will have the greatest impact, such as visible safety measures and relevant training for associates on how to best approach consumers and manage new situations.

The FENIX Process


Unannounced Site visit by Our Certified Auditor


Walk - Thru Fenix Checklist and Photos (With Exif Data) Captured, Geocoded, and Submitted


Certificate of Inspection for Display


Instant Hierarchical Distribution of Audit Throughout your Organization


Real Time Interactive reporting, with Drill Downs, Heat Mapping, Cross Tabulation and More


Toolbox Highlights

Frictionless Third-Party Audits

Our auditors complete on-site (or Virtual as requested*) visual inspections with time-stamped and geo-tagged photos, as well as unbiased, non-disruptive, dynamic standardized surveys.

Real-Time Risk Report Card

Upon audit completion, you receive a real-time digital risk report card that highlights non-compliances and provides actionable remediation measures.

Interactive Dashboard Reporting

Our online dashboard gives you access to drill down analytics and performance metrics as well as a complete audit history and custom reporting.

Step-by-Step Remediation Wizard

Our continuous improvement action planning module prioritizes and notifies appropriate staff of remediation steps based on levels of criticality and monitors them through their completion.

Cyclical Self Auditing

Cyclical Self Auditing, or First-Party Auditing, enables facility and shift leaders to routinely ensure compliance between Third-Party audits.

Seal of Approval/Certification

Upon completion, printable compliance certificates and seals of approval can be displayed to elevate trust and provide customers and employees with peace of mind when they are on premises.