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Through our mobile workforce and software SaaS platform, we can help you save time and money by consolidating services and data typically provided by multiple vendors. We capture and present data that empowers teams to make changes that mitigate risk, improve operations and keep the pulse on the satisfaction of their customers and staff.

Our Solutions Toolbox


Our daily digital survey, in which employees rank their emotional, physical and mental energy, allowing you to keep the pulse on the state of mind of your staff.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Measure employee feedback through digital surveys delivered through your company App or via QR codes.


Gather valuable unbiased insight into customer experience coupled with improvement recommendations.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Gather direct customer feedback through digital surveys delivered through your customer-facing App or via QR codes.

Red Card/Green Card Reports

Digital one-question surveys completed by staff if something went extremely well or bad on their shift.

Health & Hygiene Audits​

Health and hygiene audits curated with Harvard epidemiologists and industry experts which include Certificates of Compliance.

Certified Kitchen Inspections

Conducted by Certified Kitchen Inspectors, we help food providers protect their guests, employees and reputation from food safety risks


Geo-time stamped digitized internal corporate procedures such as cleaning checklists, security checklists, and opening and closing checklists

Social Media

Monitor social media posts for all locations and overall brand and provides responses.


Our tools can be combined according to your preferences to provide a more complete solution for all your business monitoring needs.


Through our integrated Toolbox solutions, we can combine different services to improve your organization's performance.

Our Technology and Data

Digital Audit Reports

Highlight non-compliances and provide actionable remediation recommendations.

Remediation Monitoring and Response

Prioritizes and notifies appropriate staff of remediation steps based on levels of criticality and monitors them through their completion.


Highly Customizable to capture instant insight into current and historical compliance, and where and how to improve.


Consolidate data gathered through many third party systems.

Location & Time Verification

Audits, digital checklists and photos are time stamped and geo-located which leaves digital breadcrumbs verifying on-site and on-time completion.


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